The Rundles of Drogheda

The children of Walter Rundle and Agnes Graham

GEORGINA In a short while you will be able to see a brief summary of the lives of the "Rundles of Mark's Tce." by just clicking on the box of your choice on the left. However, the boxes with white letters have no biographies. These biographies can only happen when members of the respective families submit a few words and photographs. At the moment some pages are empty. If no page appears, it means that research is still going on and that we are waiting for contributions.

If you can help with any information about the "Rundles of Mark's Tce." or have any dates that may be missing from the family tree or any photograph, please contact me by clicking on the bottom box on the left.

Please bear in mind that many members of the fourth generation are interested in their ancestry and your contribution will be very welcome.

Did you know that "the rundles" had a nickname for each other? And that the nickname, in some cases, reflected their personality? Do you know these nicknames? Tell me, please.
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